Friday, 10 February 2012

It would have been rude not too

20 min drive, 20 mins there and then 20 mins back made it a perfect lunch twitch to visit one of my all time favorites, a Yellow-browed Warbler that's currently in residence near Chard.
Nearly didn't find the place....used my nouse "where would a really posh Somerset village stick its sewage works?" I one round the village green or shop knew so I took the road heading down the stream valley far away from all the lovely Taunton lawyer abodes. Just about giving up I was saved by that welcome sight, a birder seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Happy days.
I stop look at what he was watching, a small green double wingbarred bird and walk over to say hi..."that's not it" he shared carefully referring to the Goldcrest, oh lord do I look like a dude birder I thought! And then he kindly showed me the sewage beds and an exquisite well marked YBW. Don't u just love them? If they replaced chiffs I still wouldnt get sick of them, bit like autumn willow warblers - cute as can be.
Saw one clear cold tristis type & another that could have easily been but also had lovely views of Grey Wags, Goldcrest and even the Robins and Wrens looked bright and beatiful in the sunshine. Huh...yes I was there yesterday, not today in the gloom!
If you are local, go see this gem...not often you get to enjoy open views looking down on one hopping about on concrete rather than upwards against the sky, I know I'm going back!