Thursday, 3 May 2012

Not my turn today

Early up this morning after hearing rain at 5:15 and after making the kids lunches I crept out. First stop was farm gate - no stilts on Colyford and then down towards the river. The only place I stopped was at the Tram shed because I live in hope of repeating the Axes only Kentish Plover that graced this piece of hard sand. A Ringo and 4 Dunlin had me actually try an visualise a KP over on the sand. I must have looked 2 or 3 times just believing it should have been there but it didn't magically appear. So off to Beer Head and to my surprise an empty parking bay - probably because it had started to rain and didn't stop for the next hour. No birds save a female Redstart right as I was getting back to the car (sorry Honiton Ian) and I turned up at work very wet and cold. And the point of the story... Having had a few texts with Steve, one telling him to go find a KP and the other to start playing Golden Oriole tapes a blessed female Kentish showed up for a few minutes...on the Axe, our patch. I knew it, but my day will come.