Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Train it!

130 miles to Bristol the other day added a few to my greater patch while today I am going to expand the patch to all modes of transport - and that includes a trip to Manchester on the train...same rules tho, no optics but I'm hopeful for a couple of additions.

My local patch (daily commute) has kicked off well with a green woodpecker - only my second in 4 years on this trip!

Just home after the first time on anything other than South West trains...it was like another world - smooth ride, nice chairs, radio, even plugs to recharge your phone! Going to London from here is like the 70's! Beautiful snowy fields - I don't think I had appreciated how cold it is up country - very!!! Flippin freezing! Not many new birds fort patch - sparrow hawk I will get anyway but moorhen was quite a good one ( don't see many of them on the M5)...but still no waxwing this year.

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