Thursday, 17 November 2011


A Temminck's Stint at Colyford scrape was just out of lunch range...20 min drive both ways and the hide is a good 8 min run downhill & way more than that back up (plus I really am not into running too birds).
It's funny the local reaction to this East Devon mega - so much almost disappointment for what we all appreciate is quite a cool bird. Such are local hopes for a true mega after such a fantastic autumn. It really has been a treat this year, every morning we have thousands of wood pigeons, good numbers of thrushes, geese, goldcrests n allsorts and there is a real feeling that next movement could be the one.
All that said I am tempted for a dawn raid tomorrow.....though figuring out how to get 90 minutes to see the Red breasted Goose on the Exeter all my mates have succumed too also draws me.
Did I see anything today? Just a Sparrowhawk over the carpark at work...first for a few weeks that.

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