Friday, 25 November 2011

Wake up - its winter

Various family stuff left me with a whole 2 hours early afternoon birding - that's quite a treat for me. Unfortunately its late November but my birding brain hasn't figured that with the warm weather and after the wonderful autumn we have had.
What do I do with my time? Seaton Hole doesn't yield the Desert Wheatear tho a Black Red was probably a 'skive' tick....nor was there a Humes in the Holm Oak on the road.
The dunlin flock hasn't anything with them and the Axemouth church and then valley is devoid of birds save a single chiff. Refusing to give in, its Bruckland ponds where, after tracking them down, the tit flock contains....just tits.
And so the title....its regrettably all over, a few wandering winter waifs we get here and wait patiently for the spring again. What a year though we've had on the Axe, must be the best since 2007 by a mile.


  1. Still a chance of a late autumn gem maybe, but I reckon you're right, James - the chances are getting very slim. As you say, what a great year! Be good to do a summary later on - I bet it will read rather well!

  2. That I would most certainly leave to you Gavin! I'm just happy to have been lucky enough to enjoy a good portion of it...but there's still a week of Nov left!